The Pink Heaven Pack! Gift Hamper

The Pink Heaven Pack! Gift Hamper

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A pack of Pink amazing Items from our store at Fake Treats!


What do you get in this AMAZZZZZZING PINK PACK?

Coffee Scrub
Strawberry Milkshake Cold Processed Soap made with Coconut Cream! 
Jelly Bean Donut Bath Bomb
Musk be floral Shampoo Bar/strawberry milk (Our Most Popular) 
Rubber Duckie! 
Pink Loofah, 
Fantasy Bubble Scoop
Cotton Candy/Si  Premium Liquid Soap
Musk Be Floral Whipped Cream Body Butter (Our Most Popular) 

Due to the nature of the product. We disclose, we can switch any products at any time to what is in stock at the time and what is available. Please keep this in mind :)