Fake Treats Bath Bomb Subscription Box

Fake Treats Bath Bomb Subscription Box


Here we have our Fake Treat's Bath Bomb Subscription Box. 
Each box will provide 4 items of ours for you to try! 
This product needs to be purchased on its own and it does include shipping in this price per month. 


We will send out subscription boxes before the end of each month

You will need to sign up prior to the 10th in order to receive that month's subscription box. 
You will be direct debited each month on the same day you signed up. 

There is no lock in contracts, but we do require you let us know before the 1st of each month that you wish to cancel in order to organise it in the back end. 


"Friyay night is my relax night after work and being a nurse, I love my subscription box sent to my door without thinking, to me this subscription is a no brainer!"
Sara, Picton