Crystal Subscription Box

Crystal Subscription Box

This is your one stop shop to fill your life with a great collection of beautiful crystals on a monthly basis delivered to your door! 


We have 2 options, the Regular or Super Size!  


We will send out subscription boxes in 30 days of your subscription renewal. 

E.g. you bought in the 11th November, we will send it anytime between the 11th of November and 11th of December. 

You will be direct debited each month on the same day you signed up. 

There is no lock in contracts, but we do require you let us know before the 1st of each month that you wish to cancel in order to organise it in the back end. 

 You must purchase this separately from other items in order for the subscription system to do it's thing. If you do not follow this, we will contact you to either credit it or subscribe correctly. Please consider this. 

"I am a Fake Treats Obsessed Shopper, getting the subscription box delivered every month is always so exciting, I have even gotten products in there before they have been released! I got the $49.99 one and it is so worth it!" 
Amanda, Mooroolbark

How to cancel, pause or update your payment details? 
Find your original or any of your subscription emails and select "manage subscription" this will ask you to log into your Fake Treats account on our website and it will bring up your options :)