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Lemon Meringue Bubble Bar

  • $6.99

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Have you ever loved Lemon Meringue Pie so much you could just cover your body in it? 
Have you ever thought "I could just lather in fluffy mallow"? 
Well we do have the answer for you! 
Grab on of these and get a glass of wine and get to the tub! 

What do you do next? 
You put the plug in and light a few candles, and turn the water on! 
Now under the running water, place this lemon meringue pie under it and get ready for a lemon explosion in your face! 
Just keep holding the bubble bar under the running water (don't crumble it!) You will start seeing your tub fill up with bubbles! 
Once the water has dissolved the pie, swish the water in the bath underneath it. Even though you aren't holding anything under the running water you will still see HEAPS of bubbles forming! Pretty sure they almost never stop! Haha! 

Now get in, grab the wine and enjoy! 
You even have the option to Afterpay this baby, by buying now and paying in 4!