Face Mask Subscription

Face Mask Subscription



Get a new Face Mask each month with our Face Mask Subscription. 
You will get to try all our new favourites!

Your first box will come with a free applicator.

This product needs to be purchased on its own and it does include shipping in this price per month. 


We will send out subscription boxes between the 10th - 15th of each month. 

You will need to sign up prior to the 10th in order to receive that month's subscription box. 
You will be direct debited each month on the same day you signed up. 

There is no lock-in contracts, but we do require you let us know before the 1st of each month that you wish to cancel in order to organise it in the back end.


"I have always struggled to find a well-priced face mask that doesn't make my skin react! I have finally found it! I can use them all! (Except Lavender as I am allergic to it) They are great value for money and my skin has changed drastically with using fake Treats face masks for the better" 
Miranda, Brighton