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Bath Bombs, Scrubs, Shaving Cream, Milk Baths? 
What do you do to get your summer legs ready Australia? 

Here is what you need to do! 


I am one of those people that hide those scaly legs through Winter. I figure, HEY, I am in Melbourne, the weather changes 3 times a day. I will wear some leggings and that will get me through.


Though when Melbourne is ready for Summer and Sunshine, SO WILL I! 
Though we are out in the Yarra Valley, and it isn't a hop and a skip to get to Brighton, we will make a day out of any beach day, AND PREPARE a day earlier! 

We need to really step through the Summer Legs Prep to make sure we are ready to get our Tan on! 


What's First? 


Your legs are probably crying out for a scrub and a hydrate just like ours! 
With our Infuse Me - Fruity Scrub Range, you can get all scrubbed up from face to toe, AND hydrate your skin from all the butters that create this amazing scrub! 
Plus with the fruity super food infusions, this will ensure your skin is being well looked after! 

Want yours? Grab it here


 Afterpay Melbourne Bath Bombs Shower Body Scrub LayBuy Zippay Bath Bomb Shaving Soap cream Lush Twisted Fizzers Wickety Wack

What's Next? 

Some fabulous Marshmallow Shaving Soap! 

I don't know about you, but I hate it when you use a shaving cream/soap/gel and after you shave you are left with some crazy red dots all over you! 
Thanks to our gentle, foaming, Rose Water infused Marshmallow Shaving Soap, I don't have this issue! 

Wet your body, and scoop a little out of the jar and lather it on, a little goes a long way so foam it up! 
Once all foamed up, get that razor out! (Yes I Steal my Boyfriend's too!) and get gliding! 
The clay in our Marshmallow shaving soap gets it gliding so smooth Australia, it is smoother than cream cheese on a bagel! 

Want to get on board with this dream come true of a Shaving Soap? Grab it Here! 

*P.S you can exfoliate again here xoxox

 Afterpay Melbourne Bath Bombs Shower Body Scrub LayBuy Zippay Bath Bomb Shaving Soap cream Lush Twisted Fizzers Wickety Wack


Lastly, Though so important to this Trio! 

Lather up with our Whipped Cream Body Butter! 

Now, hydration is SO IMPORTANT to skin, especially being exposed to the sun. Keep it moisturized to keep it beautiful. 

After your scrub and shave, sign off with this AMAZING body butter. Just like the other products, a little goes a long way! 
This is my new favourite product and I will forever be using it! 

Want yours? Grab it here to top off the trio of Summer Skin! 


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